The Group embraces new technologies and ideas, and strengthens the intelligent transport system. It has applied information technology to over 20 key business areas such as administrative management, business management and safety management, covering bus, taxis, passenger transport, logistics, driving training, automobile repair, and so on. Well-known brands and products such as “Yang Cheng Tong”, “Ruyue” and “Suikang Life” have been applied to the fields of urban transport enterprise operation, auxiliary decision-making, industry regulation, and public service. A comprehensive, mature and representative solution system for intelligent transport has been established. The Group has used data resources to build “Guangzhou Cloud Brain Platform for Bus” and “Suikang Life” platform. New-generation information technology such as 5G has been applied to transport services.
The Yang Cheng Tong card can be used in 300 cities at and above the prefecture level, and a variety of payment products and channels have been created. The Group has founded Guangzhou Institute for Joint Innovation in Smart Public Transport and Autonomous Driving Industry Alliance, focusing on the promotion and application of new transport technologies. The Group is the first to examine the trial commercial use of self-driving buses and taxis in China, and has secured the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology for key R&D unmanned vehicles projects, laying the groundwork for high-quality development during the 14th Five-Year Plan period and exemplifying smart transport in Guangzhou.