The Group meets the market demand by extending the transport industry chain to the tourism service industry. One-stop “travel + entertainment + consumption” services are provided for citizens and tourists. As the first enterprise to operate “Pearl River Tour” services, the Group has 51 luxury cruise ships, leading the Pearl River tour market in Guangzhou. The Group has become an important vehicle for spreading the Pearl River culture through its widely recognized diversified and professional services. The innovative “Teahouse on the Pearl River” cruise ship launched by the Group fuses the “Cantonese morning tea culture” with the “Pearl River Day Tour”, becoming a new must-visit place. The Pearl River Tour also incorporates tourism and cultural resources such as Lingnan culture, merchants, and scenic spots along the Pearl River to promote the integrated development of culture, business and tourism on both banks of the river. “Yuetaoba” (double-decker bus) service combines gourmet food with the appreciation of beautiful scenery of Guangzhou as a trendy way of admiring the flower city for tourists.

The Group tests the waters of “transport + tourism” business, and currently operates three travel agencies and seven tourist distribution centers. While highlighting characteristics, the Group innovates transport and tourism products and extends the industrial chain to provide tourists with one-stop services that covers “food, accommodation, travel, shopping, and entertainment”.