The Group’s education and training company has nearly 30,000 m2 training space, and is one of the first in Guangzhou to obtain the qualification of enterprise vocational skill level certification institutions. The Group is able to train over 350 people thanks to its high-quality instructors and a full range of teaching facilities. The Group innovatively carry out training services such as Party building, Party affairs, safety education, financial management, and job upskilling, and assists in the implementation of vocational upskilling campaign. The company is also a state-owned enterprise with the largest fleet of learner-driven vehicles in Guangzhou, and can carry out business such as qualification of commercial road passenger and cargo transport drivers, taxi driver qualification examination and passenger transport qualification examinations, etc., with an annual number of over 110,000 trainees. The Group gradually extends the scope of education and training business in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, provides training and accreditation value-added services in the Greater Bay Area, and builds Greater Bay Area Enterprise Training and Education Alliance to facilitate the construction of the Greater Bay Area.