The Group has played its demonstration role as a state-owned enterprise and achieved electrification of all buses in 2018 ahead of schedule. As a result, Guangzhou was a category winner for Green Technologies during the C40 award ceremony held during the 2019 C40 World Mayors Summit that was held in Copenhagen, Denmark. Guangzhou’s economic and social development is underpinned by “Guangzhou blue sky”. At present, the Group operates nearly 12,000 pure electric buses, 10,135 pure electric taxis and 15 hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses in Guangzhou. By integrating internal resources, the Group builds a new energy industrial chain integrating comprehensive energy investment, planning, construction and operation, with a focus on the construction of electric vehicle charging facilities and the operation of new energy platforms in the field of public transport. The company builds an urban bus charging network that includes “charging at bus stations + charging at comprehensive yards + roadside charging”. Ruyue charging platform covers 6,498 charging piles, and 125 stations are available for the public, providing strong support for charging facilities in the city.